Our Commercial Outsourcing proposal is part of the SalesForce model that seeks the punctual outsourcing of commercial activity; aimed at a segment of clients in specific geographic locations. We know that no two sales actions are the same.
This is how we seek to create a tailor-made sales team for our clients, to sell where, how, when and for as long as you need and decide. A sales network working exclusively for your organization, with strategies designed based on your product or service and the potential customer we are targeting.

a) Select effective salespeople, capable; of making sales from the moment they join the team, regardless of whether their role is to visit clients or service the company’s points of sale.
b) Understand your business and offer you a strategic sales channel to achieve your business objectives.
c) A dedicated salesperson is a salesperson from our team who will exclusively attend to the sale of EACH CUSTOMER’s products or services. This is so because the dedicated salesperson will only sell their product or service, waiving to represent any other of our clients and the commissions that they could earn for those sales.
d) We will ensure that the dedicated salesperson is a true expert in the field of action, to guarantee the best results.

The human team of GRUPO CONSULTOR EMPRESARIAL works as an extension of the internal staff of EACH CLIENT, bringing with it the following benefits:
a) We analyze the market to detect business opportunities.
b) We 
design the commercial strategy to be followed in each channel or client.
c) We make the presentation of the company and its products.
d) We ensure compliance with the agreed commercial conditions.
e) We maintain a permanent dialogue with the value chain to solve the day-to-day.
f) We propose specific promotional actions according to needs and available resources.
g) Sales School in Sales Techniques, Sales Process, Effective Sales, Management of Objections, Consultative Sales, Complex Selling, Closing Techniques, Negotiation Models, Coaching, Customer Service, among others.