After 19 years in the market, GCE.enterprises has established relationships of trust at an international level that lead us to the creation of information networks and
ideas between people and companies with a common profession or a special interest, usually in a formal and informal social setting.
Our objectives are based on:

  • Collective and rational learning
  • Exchange of ideas, cards and business
  • Common or diverse interests
  • Relationships + Ideas = Results
  • Positive energy at opposite poles
  • Selflessly give and take
  • Real connections and relationships in an interconnected world
  • Referential marketing and long-term business
  • Multiculturalism
Our trade name “ANDONEGOCIANDO” has been working since 2014 as a search engine for business rounds, fairs, business events and networking.
We respect the diversity of gender, religion, politics, color, occupation, sex, currency, country, ethnicity, language, etc.

GCE Network is the evolution of ANDONEGOCIANDO, fictitious name of